High Quality Architectural Fireplaces

Nothing turns a house into a home like an open fire (in the right place). Few other elements of your house could transform a cold, sterile space into a welcoming, relaxing environment like a fire can. Leggera Group is the Asian distributor for the European brand Metalfire.

The Belgian manufacturer Metalfire manufactures fireplaces with simple, minimal, modern designs, fueled by wood, gas or bio-ethanol. Metalfire provides customers with the option of ordering a custom-built fireplace, according customer specification.


Metalfire fireplaces bring the irreplaceable cosiness of a natural source of heat to your interior. Fire has been bringing people together for ages. With its line Ultime, Universal and Urban, Metalfire adds to this the simplicity of modern design and the convenience of the very latest technology. Result? Stylish fireplaces that combine comfortable heat with the aesthetic pleasure of a splendid design.



Leggera Group is the only official distributor of Metalfire in Asia.

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