Ya-wen Farrell

Taiwanese born Ya-wen started her public teaching career after graduating from Taiwan’s most prestigious university. A natural linguist, Ya-wen is fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and is learning Italian.

Having worked in the bicycle industry since 2004, she is regarded highly for her intimate technical knowledge to rival any team mechanic!. She met her future husband, Paul, and married in 2007. LTI (Taiwan) was formed that same year.

Ya-wen has the skills and organizational abilities to orchestrate the entire LTI team and maintains regular close personal contact with the extensive customer base.

Despite being a workaholic, keen bike rider, exceptional chef, proud mother of son Conall and housewife, Ya-wen is also currently studying for her Accounting/marketing MBA at Pennsylvania State University.

The ‘brains’ behind the LTI business!

Email  YaWen: yawen@leggera-tech.com